15 Worst Gifts To Give or Receive

Sometimes, in pursuit of finding a unque personalized gift, people will go in the wrong direction and end up with a truly bad gift.  Though the examples given may be truly unique gift ideas, they will likely disappoint the recipient!

Have you ever received a gift so bad that you were rendered speechless? At some point you have probably received a gift that just seemed totally inappropriate, insensitive or just plain thoughtless. And perhaps you’ve even given some ‘stinky’ gifts! Giving is one of the real treasures in life, so everyone should take a little time and use some creativity to find and give the perfect gift!

Below are a few examples of some gifts you may want to avoid if you are on the hunt for a unique personalized gift or any type of unique gift ideas.

2) Religious Magazine Subscription: Imagine, opening a card to find out you are the proud recipient of 12 months of a religious magazine that’s not even for your religion and on top of that you’re not even particularly spiritual! Blatantly shows how little the gift giver knew about the recipient!

5) Initialed Items That Are The Wrong Initials:Here’s another thoughtless gift – a friend received a ‘B’ pin from her mother-in-law when her initials are L.C.! Is Mom getting passive-aggressive with her daughter-in-law? Uh-oh!

8) A Bathroom Scale: A friend of mine told me this story… an ex-boyfriend got her a scale one Christmas. It was a fancy digital scale with all the bells and whistles, but nothing says ‘you should lose a few pounds’ more than a scale! Needless to say, that relationship didn’t last long! Make a mental note men – a bathroom scale is not a good present!

To read the full list of 15 worst gifts, please visit:
15 Of The Worst Gifts You Never Want To Receive Or Give!


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