3 Things To Do For A Party Invitation


In 2017, the traditional party invitation via the postal system is a lost gem that rarely makes its way into your mailbox. The digital era is full of other, new ways to invite your guests to events — but let’s not forget about how it used to be! A party invitation hung on the fridge is not only one of the best reminders your guests can have, but it allows you to have a bit of fun and use your creativity to request their attendance. No matter the occasion, you will find a special custom magazine cover to use as the invitation for your next big party! Check out a few tips below on how to make the best invite possible for your next event.


Feature Your Star

Whether you are using the magazine cover invitation for your mother’s 60th birthday party or a party to celebrate your star athlete, make sure you’re featuring a clear photo of them doing what they love! This can include a photo of them smiling, playing their favorite sport, or just hanging with the family! It’s important to also make sure that this picture has the appropriate amount of negative space to feature the details of the part.

Include The Deets!

The purpose of this unique template is to make it look very similar to that of a magazine cover, while also incorporating the details guests will need to attend the event. Placing the date at the top is a great way to place subtle reminders of when the event will be (don’t worry, you can always mention it below that as well). Utilize headlines to feature key components, such as the event’s location, time, dress code, and the RSVP date. All necessary information can be carefully constructed to look as authentic as possible on your custom magazine cover invitation, while still retaining that authentic look!

Other Ideas

No matter the event, whether for a child’s birthday party or for a retirement, there are multiple ways to use the magazine cover invitation. Purchase the photo file download and print yourself to send to your guests, print the magazine cover as a poster to use as a sign in board or decoration for the party, frame a print of the magazine cover invitation as a keepsake for the guest of honor.

To get started, head on over to the Cover Editor and begin creating your magazine cover. For examples of previously created magazines, make sure to like us on Facebook,  find us on Pinterest or browse our magazine cover templates!


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