3 Ways to Create Fake Magazine Covers

So you want to create fake magazine covers?  They can be a great gift for a special occasion or they are fun to make for no reason at all.  When you are looking for a tool or website to help you create fake magazine covers there are basically three types available. 

The first option (which is offered by YourCover) is one that allows you to upload a photo and to personalize existingYourCover Fake Magzine Cover headlines to create a fake magazine cover that is completely customized – it’s not just their photo but all the info is specifically about the person starring on the front cover.  There are default headlines that can stay as is or can be personalized with a name; there is also a headline library full of suggestions of other headlines to perfectly fit your situation.  This option also lets you design the fake magzine cover yourself for immediate creation – see how the cover looks as you make it and revise it.  You can also download a photo file for immediate printing at home or a local photo shop – instant gratification!

A second option offered by several sites is one that gives you the ability to upload a photo to a fake magazine cover and download the image for free.  The downside to this type of site is that the only thing that is personalized is the photo on the front.  It makes for a good joke or gag but it’s lifetime value is pretty brief because it is just the person’s face without any info about them or their life.

A third option is to have someone create a fake magazine cover for you. Email your photo to them and then give detailed instructions as to what the headlines will say.  The upside is that you have someone else do the creation but the downside is that you have to come up with all the headlines yourself without any suggestions or ideas and that can be kind of hard. You also have to wait around for them to get back to you as opposed to an immediate response.

When using the online design tool at YourCover you are getting much more than a fake magazine cover, you are creating a personalized gift that will mean a great deal to the recipient.  Get started today


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