Take a Peek at our New 70th Birthday Cover

A 70th birthday is a special thing, so why not celebrate that special day with a personalized gift? The 70th Birthday Magazine Cover is a great way to show a loved parent, grandparent or friend just how special they are. This fun, easy to create gift is a great way to really show how much you care, it's personalized to the recipient and everyone can get involved including grandkids or friends that might not be able to make it the party.

Personalized 70th Birthday Magazine CoverCreating a 70th Birthday Personalized Magazine Cover is not only easy, it's fun! Simply upload the photo of the birthday boy or girl to our website, then customize the headlines to really reflect how special your grandparent or friend is to you. Everyone can get involved in customizing the headlines even the grandkids, ask them about special memories or for a quote and then add that to the magazine cover.  Once you love the cover you've designed you can either download it or have us print and even frame the order for you so that the gift can be treasured forever.

If you need a unique gift for Mom's 70th birthday or want an instant gift that's also unique and personalized, the 70th Birthday magazine cover may be the best birthday gift idea you are looking for.  Check out a sample of our design below to get any idea of what yours could look like!


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