A gift for a coach that will be remembered forever


Aside from parents and teachers, athletic coaches are some of the most influential adults in young people’s lives.  A great coach does so much more than lead his or her team on the field of play.   Winning on the field is great but winning in life is all the more important and a great coach is able to understand the difference.

When I think back on the coaches I’ve had and that my kids have had I can remember the great ones and the not-so great ones.   I often wishBest Coach Fake Magazine Cover there had been a way to acknowledge with a unique coach's gift how the team (and parents) felt about the great coach that would be more memorable than tickets to a ballgame, a plaque or a watch.   A personalized fake magazine cover from YourCover would have been just perfect.  

The inside jokes about the players on the team, their idiosyncrasies and of course the coach’s odd and often funny sayings that every member of the team can recite with ease should never be forgotten!   I can recall one of my high school coaches asking me during a tennis match in which I was trailing, if I was in a hurry to lose.  I thought about what he said, changed my approach and won the match!   And I’ve never forgotten that whenever I play now.  

I’ve actually stayed in touch with that team from many years ago but sadly lost contact with the coach who I am sure has since passed on.  I regret that we did not have the opportunity to let him know how we all felt and a personalized Best Coach magazine cover could have easily depicted all the highlights and fun we had during that championship season. 

Don’t let the opportunity pass you by to give a great and memorable gift to an influential coach.   Check out YourCover.com and start on a Best Coach magazine cover today.   Both the team and the coach will never forget it!  


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