A great way to remember that epic Halloween party!


It seems that Halloween is more popular than ever.  Having a great costume for the party has never been more important.   And if you are hosting a Halloween party you'd want to create some lasting memories.  A fake magazine cover 'entitled Halloween' is a great way to put some of those outrageous photos to work.   Using the make your  own title template, you can put in any fake magazine cover title that comes to mind.  

Of course HALLOWEEN NIGHT would work but we find that people are generally amazingly creative in what they come up with as can be seen in our magazine cover gallery.    Whether it's bobbingMake Your Own Halloween Personalized Magazine Cover for apples (ok does anyone really do that anymore), or taking part in a costume contest, Yourcover.com  can help you make the evening memorable and perhaps even, dare I say it – LEGENDARY!   Apologies to Barney Stinson.  

Before the party you could even make some cool fake magazine covers, print them out and paste them to yourself for THE most unusual Halloween costume ever!    No matter how you slice it an instant gift from YourCover will be remembered long after the party has died down. 

Have a Happy Halloween!  


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