A Perfect Gift for Your Guy

50th Birthday Magazine CoverDepending on who your special guy is [it could be your husband, boyfriend, brother or father], I’m guessing they might just be the hardest person to shop for!  Finding birthday gifts for guys is not an easy task.  I’m speaking from experience, as I dread every Birthday, Father’s Day or Christmas to shop for my Dad.  He is impossible to buy for and I don’t even know where to start!

One Birthday happened to be the easiest however, when I created a personalized magazine cover in celebration of his 50th Birthday.  Customizing each headline to his likes & dislikes was so much fun and easy too!  I especially liked doing this because I was able to poke fun at him a little bit.

My Dad was THRILLED when he received his personalized magazine cover!  He even cracked a smile when he read the headlines that made fun of him =]  Searching for birthday gifts for guys doesn’t have to be hard and it sure wasn’t this time around.

My next issue to tackle…his 51st Birthday!


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