A Personalized Holiday gift that will be loved


So like every year you get the list out of the holiday gifts you need to buy for family and friends.   It could be electronics (tablet computers for everyone might be over your budget however), clothes or cold hard cash. Can you say "BORING"?   Or worse, the horror of having someone else give that same person the very same gift and have it opened before yours?   We've all had that experience and it's not much fun at all.  

Personalized Fake Magazine Covers from YourCoverGetting someone a completely personalized holiday gift from YourCover.com will have people envious of the uniqueness of the gift and the idea itself.   A great last minute gift  but even better when you take the time to create a truly personal and intimate personalized magazine cover.  

A gift from YourCover.com can be romantic, funny, sweet, nostalgic – or all of them at the same time.  It's up to you to design and create the magazine cover using the simple and easy-to-use cover generator.  You can print and frame it yourself, or have the experts at YourCover.com professionally matte, frame and ship your creative gift  to you or to the recipient in ample time for the holidays.   

Having a unique and special gift to give will give both you and the recipient a warm feeling inside – something that can't be beat for the holidays!  


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