A Unique Baby Shower Gift

In my circle of friends and family, this is a BIG year for pregnancy.  I know three people who are pregnant and oddly enough are due within 3 months of each other.  One in June, another in July and lastly in August.  With 3 Baby Showers I will have to attend this year, I definitely have to be creative with gifts.  Especially since we are all mostly related!!  Baby-BabyShower-Pregnant Personalized Magazine Cover

I know YourCover personalized magazine covers will help me out in this area!  The first shower I will be attending is for my friend Karen who is due in June; she likes to stay fit and active ALL the time.  So, I decided to make a fake magazine cover for her using the BABY template and then designed it to resemble "FitPregnancy" magazine.  I got a hold of her husband who had taken this picture of her [it’s awesome, isn’t it!?!?], I thought it was the perfect picture to use for a magazine cover gift!

Then, I personalized all the headlines about her, her husband and family, and their soon to be new addition.  I am SOOOO EXCITED to give it to her!!!!!  She will flip!  I am even thinking about ordering the poster too and having people sign it at the bridal shower!

This unique personalized gift idea will be one that will last forever and she’ll truly appreciate.  Upload that awesome photo for that unique photo gift to make that someone special happier than ever!


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