A Unique Photo Gift Idea for this Summer’s Vacation!

Summer has officially arrived!  School is out and the hot weather is in!  Hopefully you are able to get away this summer to enjoy a vacation.  With the normal day-to-day activities that life can bring, you sure wonder how you ever lasted the whole school year! Unique Photo Gift Idea

A couple of years ago friends of ours took a trip to Australia!  I was very jealous because this is my DREAM vacation and I wanted to jump in their luggage, but I ended up just drooling over their pictures when they got back.

Anyway…their pictures were amazing!  I especially loved this one of their daughter snorkeling.  I told them of YourCover personalized magazine covers and what an easy and fun job it is to create your own fake magazine cover.  You can turn your vacation photo into a unique photo gift idea or a great unique gift for mom to display at home or at work.
However you end up using it, it’s a great way to remember that moment and in this case, an extrememly memorable vacation.


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