A very personalized birthday gift


Like so many of my fellow east coast United States residents our world was turned upside down last week by Hurricane Sandy.  At www.yourcover.com we were without power and our printers were resting quietly as we rushed to find other options to deliver our products. Fortunately it all worked out and the power and internet service was finally restored.   But life goes on and if you know someone that' s having a birthday and could use a little cheering up a completely personalized  birthday fake magazine cover gift can be created AND sent from any computer with internet acess.

Whether it is a 60th birthday gift  a 30th birthday gift  or any other landmark birthday, a fake magazine cover will bring a smile to the face of all people that get to see it.   And right about now particularly on the U.S. east coast we could all use a few more smiles.   

It's an instant gift  when you need something great but don't want it to appear that you have forgotten a very important day for someone you care about.   So get to it and create that  unique gift  to make someone else's special day just a little more special.   


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