Administrative Professionals Day is Coming!


They get your coffee; they take your calls; they schedule your appointments; and they might even help manage major projects and presentations.  That’s right!  It’s your assistant and he and/or she deserves to be noticed for their hard work.  

A good adminstrative assistant is like the right hand person you never knew you had.  It’s only on those days when they’re out of the office that you realize how much work they do and how much smoother your days run with them around.  During busy days at the office, it’s easy to forget how much work assistants actually do, so don’t forget April 21st!

Administrative Professionals Day (also known as Secretary’s Day) is on April 21st.  Let them know how much you appreciate all of their hard work!  

Create a personalized magazine cover for them.  It fast, simple, and can be done right at the office!  You’ll be known as the greatest boss of all time and think about how much harder they’ll work, just because they know you care!  Everyone needs to feel appreciated and a YourCover magazine cover is a unique personalized gift idea that is sure to impress.  After you create YourCover, you can download it to print and frame yourself or let us print it for you, in addition you can also have it printed on a mug or mouse pad so that they can keep it with them at their desk!  

Picture gift ideas are a great keepsake.  Start YourCover today!


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