Advertising On A Shoestring

Advertising and marketing on a budget can be difficult, especially for small and local businesses/events. What’s going to make you stand out? A great, inexpensive, and effective way to advertise your business, event, or product is a YourCover custom magazine cover.

For example, I really love to garden and I also think that it’s really important to think locally. I’m always trying to help local businesses when I can. I made up an event flier to demonstrate how our unique magazine cover templates can really make quite the impression the next time you need inexpensive advertisement.

Creating the magazine cover was also very easy to do. You don’t need to hire an artist to make a YourCover magazine cover look fantastic. This DO-IT-YOURSELF project will save you time and money.  These days, everyone can use a little more saving!

All you have to do is upload a picture and customize your headlines to your specific needs. also has an option to create a back cover, which is perfect for those who need more space to add pictures or text. I made up a sample back cover and used the space to add great pictures and more information. 

You certainly don’t have to use the back cover if you don’t want to, but here are a list of great uses for the back cover:

  3. Co-Advertising (Split Costs)
  4. Coupons/Giveaways/Gift Certificates

A YourCover magazine cover is really a creative way to advertise and it’s something your competitors will surely wish they thought of first.  If you find that you are someone that needs to advertise on a shoestring, try creating a custom magazine cover. The possibilities are limitless.



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