An anniversary gift to remember


Wedding anniversaries are celebrated by the spouses more than anyone else and that’s the way it should be.  Yet family and friends of the happy couple often wish to acknowledge the benefits and accomplishments of staying together.   It’s a known fact that on an overall basis, married people live longer and are happier than their single counterparts.   

Unique Anniversary GiftMaking a completely personalized fake magazine cover for the honorees is a great and heartfelt way to show both your admiration and how much you care.    All you need is a couple of good photos and a little imagination and YourCover makes it easy to do the rest.  In as little as fifteen minutes you will have created a unique anniversay gift that will outlast almost every gift imaginable.   I note almost since diamond earrings and a cruise around the world are still pretty cool gifts too. 

Are you bored with not having a good idea on what type of gift to give your parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents or good friends?     Check out the wide variety of magazine cover templates available at YourCover.   If you cannot think of enough things to write about, no problem as YourCover has loads of headline suggestions that can help spark your own creativity. 

 Think about giving a completely unique personalized fake photo magazine gift versus let’s say an ashtray, wine glasses or flowers.  Is there really anything to debate?   


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