An Instant Gift for Last Minute Shoppers

Our world has become so rapid-paced that it is easy to forget important events.  You look at your calendar and suddenly realize a friend’s birthday or a family member’s anniversary is within a day or two and you have no time to shop.  You want to give a unique gift but you’ve run out of time and would rather not spend a whole lot of money.

At YourCover we are very proud to be able to offer a solution to those looking for the best birthday gift ideas that are also instantly available and are affordable too.  In as little as 10 minutes you can create a fake magazine cover that contains your friend’s photo and that has headlines all about their life and family. 

Your gift is instantly available as a photo file download, upon purchase click on the provided link and save your image files to your computer.  Print the magazine cover at home or at a local photo shop, pop it into a frame and into a gift bag and your personalized birthday gift will be the hit of the party. 

The following reveiws from two recent customers say it all: "It was something that I needed in a hurry and (I) was allowed to print my own copy. (…) it was worth every penny. Will order again in the future."  Another customer wrote:  "This was a gift for a good friend’s 50th birthday and he and all the other guests at his party LOVED it. This was the hit of the party, and its now framed in his office."

If you need an instant gift that is affordable and as unique as the recipient, get started on a YourCover fake magazine cover today.


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