Are You A Super Chef?


SuperChef Magazine Cover TemplateI am a self proclaimed food snob. Well okay, maybe not a food snob, but I absolutely love love food, especially trying decadent dishes I’ve never had before. Unfortunately my wallet doesn’t jive with my taste buds so…I’ve been learning how to cook!

I’m not a great cook per say, but I’m not terrible. My mom and dad, on the other hand, are amazing! My mom is more about making home-cooked comfort foods like stews and soups, while my dad is more technical and loves using gadgets to create things like blue cheese foam for salads.

If you know someone that is great at cooking, make them a custom magazine cover with our new SuperChef magazine cover template. The holidays are coming and this makes a great affordable gift, but it’s appropriate for any time of year!

Let the person who’s filling your belly with yummy goodness know that they are awesome! (No, better than awesome, they’re SUPER!) Unique photo gifts are great for the person who’s got everything (and it means a lot more too!) It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s so much fun to create.  


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