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Sweet 16 Magazine Cover Used & Reviewed by Pittsburgh Frugal Mom

Dana Vee is the Pittsburgh Frugal Mom.  She uses her blog to educate consumers on how to get the most for their money as well a to offer suggestions on the best products, places, events and establishments to visit.

Personalized Sweet 16 Magazine CoverThis month is Dana's daughter's 16th birthday.  In planning the big party for this milestone birthday, Dana contacted us to see if she could create and then review our Sweet 16 personalized magazine cover. Of course we said yes!  As the Pittsburgh Frugal Mom, Dana does a thorough job of investigating a product and giving her readers all the pros and cons.  We are really happy to report that Dana's review was informative, interesting and best of all positive. Take a moment to read the Pittsburgh Frugal Mom's review of YourCover for insight on why a personalized magazine cover is a unique Sweet 16 gift.


Make a Unique Team Gift or Gift for Coach!

The Spring sports seasons are drawing to a close. Many teams hold season end banquets, barbecues or parties to celebrate the camraderie, hard work and results of the previous weeks and months.  Whether the team is for a school or in an independent league, YourCover has several magazine cover templates that work perfectly as unique team gifts for a gift for coach.

Personalized team gifts can be created in several ways.  The first step is to choose the template, YourCover offers many spring sport titles including "Play Ball" (for baseball or softball), Lacrosse, Tennis, Golf, Track and Soccer. There is also the more general "Sports Report" as well as Champions. You can also choose the make your own title template and name the fake magazine cover based on your team or school.  

Duplicate fake magazine coversThe next step is to add the photo, you can add a photo of the entire team together or create individual personalized magazine covers each with a different team member's photo.  

YourCover has a helpful duplication tool. After creating the first magazine cover and saving it, simply click on the "duplicate" link. This will create an exact duplicate of the first magazine cover, just add a new photo of the next team member. The headlines can remain the same except for the athlete's name and any other personal info you'd like to add.  This process can be repeated for all the team members.

In addition to team gifts, YourCover has a Best Coach magazine cover. The process for creating this magazine cover is the same as for the team gifts. Choose the template, upload a photo of the coach alone or with the team, and then customize the default headlines to be all about the coach, the team and the season.  This unique keepsake captures a moment in time and the memories of the season will last a lifetime.



YourCover featured in Buzzfeed for Unique Father’s Day Gifts

It's so exciting for us here at YourCover when our products are picked up and featured by online publishers.  Recently Buzzfeed distributed an article by Alanna Okun listing "26 Rad Father's Day Gifts that Aren't Ties".  Our personalized Father's Day magazine cover was included in the list as #8.  A press release we wrote about the Buzzfeed article was sent out last week and picked by various news outlets around the country.  A portion of the release is included below:

"…Alanna pulled together 26 great ideas ranging from custom golf tees to Star Wars golf club covers to #8 – a YourCover personalized Father's Day magazine cover. Buzzfeed is well-known for its breaking news and fun lists of ideas, memories and products that quickly become memes that are shared and reshared through social media.

A YourCover Father's Day or Best Dad magazine cover is a personalized Father's Day gift that's as unique as the Dad starring on the front cover." [continue reading]

To make a personalized fake magazine cover as a unique Father's Day gift, follow these 3 easy steps…

1) Choose 1 of 80+ YourCover magazine cover templates
2) Upload a photo
3) Customize the default headlines to be all about the Dad on the front cover (his life, family, friends and interests)

Best Dad Personalized Magazine Cover



Unique Anniversary Gift is May Cover of the Month

Each month our customers add their personalized magazine covers to our Gallery of Covers. We then add these covers to an album on our Facebook page.  Emails go out and posts get circulated on Facebook letting everyone know that it is time for them to visit that month's album to help us choose the Cover of the Month.  Visitors to our Facebook album then 'like' whichever covers they think are the best. Customers can tag and share their magazine cover design with their friends to try to get as many likes as possible. At the end of the voting period (typically 3 days), we choose the Cover of the Month from among the three fake magazine covers with the most likes.

The May 2013 Cover of the Month is a 6th anniversary gift that Michele K of Sneads Ferry, NC made.  The photo is super cute and fun!  She used our standard "Happy Anniversary" magazine cover template but then personalized it to her occasion by adding the word "Sixth" to the title.  For being chosen as the May Cover of the Month Michele has received a gift code for a free magazine cover print and wood frame (with free shipping too of course).  We're sure you'll think that Michele's design is a fun example of a personalized magazine cover and is a unique and memorable anniversary gift.

To make a fake magazine cover for your anniversary, follow the 3 simple steps below:

1) Choose a magazine cover template (we have 80+ choices)

2) Upload a photo of the couple

3) Personalize the default headlines so each one is about the recipients, their family, interests, likes and dislikes. You can include special memories and inside jokes too!



50th Birthday Gift for the Hard to Buy For

Finding a unique 50th birthday gift can be a challenge. YourCover offers a 50th Birthday fake magazine cover that is easily created, affordably priced and quickly delivered.  A lot of 50th birthday gifts are gag or novelty gifts that make fun of 'how old' the person is. However, if you're interested in giving a gift that's still fun and memorable but doesn't poke fun at the recipient, a 50th birthday magazine cover fits the bill.

To make a magazine cover follow 3 easy steps:

50th Birthday Personalized Fake Magazine Cover Gift1) Choose a magazine cover template (we have 80+ choices but for this occasion we recommend 50th Birthday, Celebrity, SuperStar or one of our 'interests' templates such as Golf, Tennis or dance)

2) Upload a photo of the birthday honoree

3) Personalize the default headlines so each one is about the recipient, their family, interests, likes and dislikes. You can include special memories and inside jokes too!

If you need a last minute 50th birthday gift that is delivered instantly, the magazine cover can be downloaded to your computer as an image file and self-printed. If more time is available, YourCover can print and frame the magazine cover for you. Our turn-around time is super fast with orders typically shipping same day and delivery time taking 2-4 business days.

Below is a recent review about a 50th birthday magazine cover made by Judy V of Aurora, IL that explains why YourCover is a unique 50th birthday gift idea

"Selecting a gift for the person who has everything is quite difficult, especially if it's a milestone birthday. This was a great idea and Your Cover makes customer service a top priority! I was quite impressed. After sending the payment info, etc., I got e-mails from customer service that the picture was blurry. Most companies would have just made it, I paid for it. They did not and helped me when I sent additional pictures until the quality was top notch. Not many places do that and I would/will definitely use them again!"


Unique Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift with Instant Delivery

Who's got the best mom?  Show her the love and make her feel like a celebrity when she sees herself on very own personalized Best Mom magazine cover or on a Mother's Day magazine cover.  Instant delivery means you get your last minute Mother's Day gift immediately upon purchase, no shipping so no shipping fees or waiting around for the delivery.

Best Mom Magazine Cover for Mother's DayHow do you make a personalized magazine cover?  To create this unique last minute Mother's Day gift for your mom, follow the 3 steps below. Within minutes you will have created a gift she'll love and keep forever.

1) Choose a magazine cover template (we have 80+ choices but for this occasion we recommend Mother's Day, Best Mom, Celebrity, SuperChef, Diva, Fashion or Champions)

2) Upload a photo of mom by herself or with the family

3) Personalize the default headlines so each one is about your mom, the family, her interests, likes and dislikes. You can include special memories and inside jokes too!

Order your fake magazine cover as a photo file download with instant delivery. Your last minute Mother's Day gift will be sent by email to you. Plus the image file for self-printing will be on the order confirmation (thank you) page and it resides permanently in your Purchase History at YourCover.  If you would like us to print the magazine cover for you (and we can frame it too!), delivery by 2-day FedEx or Overnight FedEx will still have your gift to you before Mother's Day (just be sure to order by Thursday May 9 at 1PM ET).


How to Make a Fake Time Magazine Cover

We get a lot of requests from customers who want to make a fake Time magazine cover.  Due to copyright laws YourCover can't offer a direct copy of Time magazine BUT our customers can use our blank magazine cover template to mimic a Time cover themselves.  Below are instructions for how to make a personalized Time magazine cover using the YourCover editor.

Personalized Time Magazine CoverHow to Make a Fake Time Magazine Cover:

1) In the YourCover magazine cover editor choose the blank (make your own title) magazine cover template

2) Upload your photo and position it on the cover

3) The editing tools on the right will allow you to change the title from "Your Title Here" to "TIME".  Keep the font style the same but click the 'B" to unbold the title.  Using the "+" arrow on the right, enlarge the word "TIME" to the size you want. We clicked it 60x to make it really big in the example shown here.

4) Continue editing the headlines by clicking on each text box and revising it to reflect your cover star's life, interests, the event being celebrated, etc.

The personalized Time magazine cover that is created can be purchased in several ways including as a photo file download. This image file can be saved to a computer or thumb drive like any photo and printed as many times as wanted at home or at a local printer. YourCover can also print and frame the fake Time magazine cover so that it arrives ready for giving.

Personalized Time magazine covers are fun birthday gifts for guys, unique gifts for Mom, a unique idea for a 50th birthday gift or to give as a memorable Boss' Day gift.  Visit YourCover to make a fake Time magazine cover for your next special occasion.


Best Boss Magazine Cover Customer Review

We love hearing from our customers so we thought we'd share an email we received about a Best Boss personalized magazine cover gift.

Best Boss Personalized Magazine Cover"I wanted to provide you some feedback from my Boss who we gave the Best Boss cover to today.  I have been on the party committee for three years and this year it was my turn to choose the theme and plan.  I had the idea and found your site and was able to execute my vision.  He said, "I love my gifts every year however this is by far the BEST gift EVER". 

Thanks guys I will refer anyone who is willing to sit down for 10 minutes and create a lifetime of memories with these covers.  By the way I had my team all write articles about my boss and we actual created a magazine.  One to remember forever.  So very happy. 


If you would like to make a unique personalized gift for your boss or for anyone you care about, YourCover has over 80 different magazine cover templates for to celebrate every type of holiday, occasion, special event or interest.


March Magazine Cover of the Month

Each month YourCover asks our customers if they would like their personalized magazine cover to be considered for the Cover of the Month.  The cover designs are added to the Gallery on the YourCover site as well as to that month's album on our Facebook page.  Customers are then able to share their magazine cover with their Facebook friends.  We also invite all YourCover users to participate by clicking on the magazine cover they think is the best.  YourCover then chooses the Cover of the Month from the three magazine covers with the most likes.

YourCover March Magazine Cover of the MonthWe have been having great participation with between 50 and 60 fake magazine covers added to the competition each month.  This month's winner was designed by Maddy O. of Wakefield, MA.  Maddy designed a Sweet 16 magazine cover as a gift.  One of the reasons her magazine cover came out so well is because she had a terrific photo of her 'cover star'.

Upon being chosen as the March Cover of the Month, Maddy received a gift certificate that she can use when she wants to make a magazine cover as a gift for a future special occasion.  The gift certificate is for a free print and wood frame and includes free shipping.

To make a fake magazine cover as a personalized birthday gift or a unique gift for any occasion, check out the 80+ magazine cover templates offered on the YourCover site.


How to Make a Photo Gift that Will Thrill

Recently one of our customers decided to make a magazine cover for her granddaughter's birthday.  Rosalie chose the blank make-your-own-title template to create the "Star of the Month" magazine cover. She also chose to create a back cover. In addition to the amazing photo on the front cover, Rosalie included several other great photos on the back cover.  Since the back cover template can accept only two images, she combined six total photos into two images and uploaded these combined photos.  Rosalie chose to purchase the two separate prints of her front/back magazine cover and framed her gift herself.  Below is a photo of Elizabeth with her celebrity moment captured for a lifetime as she stars on her very own personalized magazine cover.  Love this – thanks so much Rosalie for sharing!!

Elizabeth's Fake Magazine Cover from YourCover