Baby’s 1st Birthday Gift


Baby's 1st Birthday Magazine CoverI feel like I’m living in the twilight zone…baby episode.  

I know 11 women who have had their baby or are due sometime between the months of August 2010 and February 2011.  Do you know how many baby showers, Christenings and 1st Birthday’s that is within the next year?  33! 

Baby showers are easy.  I can purchase something from their registry.  Christenings are easy too.  I will give them a savings bond.  Baby’s 1st Birthday…I would like to be a little bit more creative.  You might say I’m crazy to be thinking about gifts I need to buy a year in advance, however, when you have 11 birthday gifts to give…a girl needs to plan!

So how glad am I that YourCover has the best birthday gift idea for a baby’s 1st birthday, a personalized 1st Birthday Magazine Cover.  In addition to the 1st birthday design, YourCover has so many more personalized magazine cover templates  to choose from for other occasions as well.  

Since I’m sure that my Facebook wall will soon be filling up with hundreds of photos taken by all these new parents, I’ll have lots of choices for which one to use for each baby’s starring moment on his or her very own fake magazine cover.  I think this is a great personalized photo gift idea to look back baby’s 1st very important year.  I can’t wait to start creating all 11 of my covers! ;o)


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