Baseball Birthday – Great Birthday Gifts for Guys

Besides my dog, the only thing my dad loves more in the world is baseball.  Although he is reaching 60, he still plays baseball on a team filled with 28 year olds (how he does this with only one original hip, I’ll never know).

With his birthday coming up in a little over a week, I thought of the perfect gift.  Although my dad will never be on the real cover of Sports Illustrated, why not create a fake magazine cover for him!  Personalized magazine covers are great birthday gifts for guys because it lets me showcase my dad in all his baseball-uniformed glory.  Creating a fake magazine cover from YourCover allows me to fully customize exactly what headline and which taglines describe my dad the best. I’m thinking…"#1 Red Sox Pick 2010" and "Dave ‘The One Hipped Wonder’ Swings Big" for starters. Nothing can celebrate and commemorate my dad like a unique, specially made, fake magazine cover, because there is no one else like him!

All in all, even though he may not be hitting home runs like David Ortiz or pitching any perfect games, he is still the best baseball player I know (shh, don’t tell my brother).


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