Be secure in knowing you have a great last-minute-gift option


Last Minute Gift - a fake magazine cover from YourCoverSure it's only early December and there' PLENTY of time until Christmas (but only two days before Chanukah) right?  Of course having a unique and completely personalized holiday gift that you can even create and print at home Christmas Eve is a great ace-in-the-hole.    But why wait until that last minute?    

At you can have a merry old time creating a magazine cover so unique and personal you're sure to receive a huge smile and thank you from the lucky recipient.   If you were to start now, or even up to a few days before the holiday you would have the option of having the professionals at professionally print, frame and ship a personalized magazine cover in time for the big celebration.   All you will need is a good digital photo of your subject, your talented fingers and a little time.  

My mom used to call me a last-minute-Charlie which I did not get right away since my name is not Charlie.  How I wish back then that there was a place like to make a great, special and inexpensive gift for the people I care about.  

So go ahead, wait a little longer, you've got a great last minute gift idea just waiting for you when you run out of ideas.  But you could also start it today!  


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