Best Birthday Gift Idea

If you are in search for the best birthday gift ideas for a friend or loved one, a few questions that you should consider as you try to come up with gift ideas are: 

  • Does this person need anything in particular?Personalized Magazine Cover - the Best Birthday Gift Idea!
  • What would be the best gift to express their personality?
  • What are their interests and/or hobbies?
  • Hard to buy for or have everything? – try something new with YourCover!

Even the best birthday gift ideas won’t give you the variety of options that you can take advantage of when you create a personalized magazine cover at  We provide you with a great assortment of magazine cover themes, font colors, font types and font sizes to choose from.  In addition, there are default headlines along with a library of suggestions of fun headlines just in case you can’t think of what to say.  Plus we also allow you to upload your very own photo for the front cover shot!  It makes for the perfect unique picture gift idea for not just any birthday gift, but for any occasion!  Try it for your dad for a unique Father’s day gift or your brother’s graduation this year! 

Don’t get stuck in the same old normal birthday gift routine!  YourCover has got you covered!  Start creating your personalized magazine cover now for the best birthday gift idea for someone special.


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