Best Birthday Gift Ideas!

Ideas for 50th Birthday GiftMy birthday is coming up shortly & I’m pretty easy going when asked what I want to do to celebrate.  Whether it’s relaxing outside to a nice dinner or going out to a restaurant…I’m not picky! 

"Well what do you want for your birthday?" my fiance asks.  What do I want?  Hmmmm…that’s a good question because the list can get very long ;0).  I feel since there are many options to choose from, I am a fairly easy person to shop for.

However, it’s not so easy when looking for birthday gifts for guys.  Men are the hardest to shop for!  Maybe it’s because they don’t need or want as much as women…I don’t know what it is, but it can get frustrating at times. 

It’s nice when you can find a gift that’s quick, easy and you know he’ll love.  Looking for ideas for my father’s 50th birthday gift was not frustrating at all when I came across YourCover personalized magazine covers.  It was quick, easy and customizable.  The best part was he loved being on his own fake magazine cover

Shopping for a birthday gift for your guy doesn’t have to be so hard.  Stop by and give it a try at!


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