Best Ever Sweet 16 Gift

One of the most popular magazine covers at YourCover is the Sweet 16 magazine cover Sweet 16 Fake Magazine Covertemplate.  When we updated our site a few weeks ago, we also updated all the fake magazine cover designs and the Sweet 16 cover is one of the best.

Being on a magazine cover is dream of many teenage girls, so why not make her dream come true by putting her photo on YourCover’s Sweet 16 magazine cover.  Your hunt for really special Sweet 16 gift is over.  The easy-to-use magazine cover generator will lead you through the three steps:

1. Choose the Sweet 16 magazine cover template
2. Upload a photo
3. Personalize the headlines to be all about your sweet 16 cover star

It’s that easy to create a personalized sweet 16 gift that will be treasured for years to come.  When customizing the headlines don’t forget to included special memories and funny stories, this will help to make your unique sweet 16 gift the hit of the party!


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