Better than Flowers


People get flowers on birthdays, anniversaries, as "get well" gifts, and almost any occasion you can think of.  You don’t want to be like everyone else!

For those who like to go against the grain, YourCover has awesome unique photo gift ideas for you! Because let’s face it, flowers are pretty and smell good, but they die and then you have to throw them away, but a YourCover photo magazine cover lasts forever and is in most cases, cheaper than a dozen roses.  That makes the custom magazine cover way more valuable than boring flowers.   

With a recovering economy, make every dollar count!  Unique gifts ideas like a YourCover photo magazine cover is definitely more bang for your buck! These days, who can’t afford to be more practical anyway?  Flowers are so temporary and just seem to be wasteful.  Although receiving flowers can be sweet, were they picked up at the gas station after work?  Sometimes there’s just not much thought in picking up a bouquet of flowers.  

It means a lot more to someone when you spend a little time putting thought into a gift, instead of just picking up the same old flowers you get every year.  A YourCover magazine cover is so easy to make, and our default headlines are great for everyone.  Make every moment count for something and cherish your favorite times forever.  Making a custom magazine cover at YourCover not only gives you an opportunity to be cute and loving, but the person you make it for can look back on it years from now and love it just the same as the day they received it, maybe even more!  Can you say that about flowers?  Be creative! Be unique! Be romantic! Be everything they want you to be and start making a cover today!  


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