Birthday Gift Ideas

Coming up with clever birthday gift ideas is sometimes hard to do. Your friend needs absolutely nothing but you still want to get him something fun that he will like a lot.  Personalized birthday gifts are always a good way to go when you are getting something for the hard to buy for.  However, you do need to be a bit careful as customized gifts are not returnable – no one else wants a scarf that says Harry!

So how can you give a personalized birthday gift that is sure to please? We suggest taking30th Birthday Fake Magazine Cover Template a look the fake magazine covers at YourCover.  There are magazine cover templates for every occasion and almost every interest (we keep adding new themes all the time).  Let’s say your buddy is turning 30 – yikes – birthday gifts for guys are impossible! But we have a solution the 30th birthday magazine cover template.

Upload your friend’s photo to the magazine cover generator, then personalize the default headlines to be all about his life. Here’s the place you can poke a bit of fun as his advancing age while still letting him know what a great guy you think he is.  One of the great features of the YourCover magazine cover generator is that your design is available instantly as a photo file download for self-printing.  For all you procrastinators out there – problem solved – a terrific last minute gift that really shows you care!  But if you have a few days notice, we can print and even frame your magazine cover for you.

Make a magazine cover the next time you need a unique birthday gift and you’ll have a gift that will be the hit of the party!


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