Birthday Gifts For Him


My dad is a huge golf fan.  In fact, as soon as he gets the chance, he travels all over the world to play with his buddies.  He just got back from a week’s golf vacation in China!  

And… despite Tiger’s recent public humiliation, I think that golf is still a very popular sport and is becoming increasingly so among women as well as younger and younger generations. 

However, I’m talking about my dad here… he’s no spring chicken and YourCover’s "Over Par" cover is among many magazine cover templates that is not only funny, but also very unique.  I know my dad would love getting this for his birthday.  

A personalized birthday gift is great for guys.  You wouldn’t think so, but guys love it when you dote on them as much as women do.  A YourCover personalized golf magazine cover is perfect for framing and looks great at the office or at home.  His friends can laugh at the headlines (and reminisce about those "Mulligans").  You don’t even have to wait for his birthday!  Make one for Father’s Day!  (Isn’t that coming up soon?)  

A custom magazine cover is perfect for everyone and for any occasion, but if you’re struggling to figure out kinds of birthday gifts for guys, don’t worry.  YourCover has you covered.


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