Why get your boss a personalized gift for Boss’s Day?

Unique Boss Day GiftWhen you were young did you ever ask your parents why there was a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day but not a Children’s Day?  I bet if you did you received the same answer that most kids get – “Every day is children day” – I really hated that answer.  So when it comes to Boss’s Day shouldn’t the same thing apply? Isn’t every day Boss’s Day?  Yet you know that isn’t really true any more than every day is Children’s Day.

So why get your boss a gift? To say thank you would be the first and best reason.  Some bosses have it easier than others but if your boss wasn’t a good one you wouldn’t think about a gift for Boss’s Day right?

Now that we have that established what the heck should you get?  Not too expensive of course, (don’t want to be seen as trying to buy your way in and you cannot afford expensive any way), not too difficult and yet something that will make you stand out and be remembered as someone who makes the extra effort. We’re here to tell you that a personalized Best Boss magazine cover from YourCover is a great choice for a unique Boss’ Day gift!

The Boss’s Day magazine cover template is ready to go for you and all you need to do is upload a photo, customize a few headlines (not too scathing even if you are tempted) and let YourCover professionally print and frame it for you, or download an instant jpg image file and print it yourself.  It’s fast, easy, personal, and nobody else you know will do it so it’s a unique gift.  It’s not the worst thing in the world to make your boss smile now and again!

Try YourCover today!


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