Capture Your Special Moment with YourCover

Can you believe that in 8 days it will be May 1st!?!?  I feel like just yesterday I was ringing in 2010!  Where does time go?  That I do not have an answer for, but what I do know is to try and capture those special moments as much as you can.
If not in your memory, on camera.

Unfortunately, as time goes on our memory will fade, but pictures last a lifetime.  Capture the image of your 85 year old grandfather dancing or your 4 year old niece chasing after a butterfly.  Moments like these may never come again and what might be even more special, is to come up with a personalized gift idea using the photo. 
YourCover allows your to upload that special picture to create a personalized magazine cover for any occassion.  Whether you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift idea, Graduation gift idea or a Father’s Day gift idea, we have you covered!  

Your unique photo gift idea is just a click away!


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