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November 2013 Cover of the Month for the Woman of the Year!

November 2013 Magazine Cover of the MonthEach month we post the covers our customers have made to our gallery on the YourCover site as well as to that month’s album on our Facebook page. (We only post covers submitted by customers with their approval.)  Customers can then tag and share their magazine cover on Facebook and invite their friends to like it. We then choose the Cover of the Month from among the three with the most likes. The Cover of the Month is on our home page for that month and the customer wins a free magazine cover print and frame for celebrating another special occasion/event.

This month the cover was created by Pita G of Brownsville, TX for her friend Melissa – The Woman of the Year!  Pita did a great job using the blank magazine cover to create her own title “Woman of the Year”.  Melissa’s photo is of high quality and is clear and sharp on the cover. Pita personalized each of the headlines to reflect Melissa’s accomplishments and achievements.

Melissa’s cover was a huge hit with her friends and Pita’s friends. By far it has had the most likes and the most comments of any magazine cover we have posted to Facebook.  We here at YourCover are so thrilled that it was such a big success for everyone involved.  Congratulations to Pita and Melissa!

To make a magazine cover like Melissa’s, choose the blank magazine cover template and the personalize it with your own title, photo and custom headlines about the person starring on the front!