Choosing Your Front Cover Photo

Trying to pick the very best photo for the front of your personalized magazine cover is the most challenging part of creating your magazine cover because you want the very best photo to highlight the star of your unique photo gift!

To make sure you get that clear, crisp and perfect photo for your personalized magazine cover, there are several things to keep in mind . First and foremost, make sure your picture is somewhere around our recommended pixel dimension of 1024×1280. To figure out the pixels on your photo, simply scroll your cursor over the photo, and the dimensions should pop up in a little box. If it doesn’t, open your photo in your photo software (i.e. Kodak, Adobe, Microsoft Picture, etc.). Then right click on your picture, and click properties. Your pixel information should be shared here as well. Usually your photo will still look good at a resolution of 600 x 800 as long as you are using the whole image and not just cropping in on one person’s face.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten pixels out of the way, let’s talk about how to upload your very best picture onto the front of your personalized magazine cover.

THE BEST possible way is to use a photo that comes from a digital camera. A digital camera is your best bet because the pictures are directly uploaded to YOUR VERY OWN computer where you can then upload to the front of your magazine cover.

If someone sent you pictures through your e-mail, there is a chance that they might not come out as great as you might like. However, it could work, if they are sent at full resolution (not made smaller as usually suggested by email software).. Photos taken from a cell phone or copied from Facebook or a website WILL NOT work as a front cover photo for your magazine cover – the resolution is just too low.. Photo sharing sites such as KodakGallery usually won’t allow you to download a friend’s photo at a high enough resolution – you need to get the photo owner to give you the original image or give you access to their account to download the full size version. (The photo sharing sites want you to BUY photos from them, not download and print them yourself which is why they don’t let you download full-res images.)

If you have a printed version of the picture you would like to use, you can go to the nearest CVS,Walgreens, Target or similar store to have them scan your picture for you! Be sure to ask them to scan at the highest resolution (remember it’s being enlarged to 8.5” x 11”) so your picture can come out crisp and clear! They will put your picture on a CD for you. Then insert the CD into your computer and upload your perfect photo for the front cover of your personalized magazine cover!

Don’t forget to have fun of course!


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