Cinco De Mayo


Let loose and have fun this Cinco De Mayo!

What is Cinco De Mayo?  Literally it means May 5th in Spanish.  

Happy Cinco de MayoAccording to Cinco De Mayo is a Mexican holiday celebrating the day (May 5th) that Mexican soldiers defeated the French army, who were there to collect Mexican debts. Because the war took place in Puebla, Mexico, the significance of this holiday seems somewhat regional; however it has become a holiday that many Mexicans and Americans enjoy celebrating!

I once heard that Cinco De Mayo is like a Mexican St. Patty’s day because everybody just drinks and has a good time!  Here at YourCover we believe that there is nothing wrong with having fun and everyday should be a celebration.

Is it someone’s birthday?  It would be really cool to be born on Cinco De Mayo and a YourCover custom magazine cover is the perfect unique personalized gift for any one.  By using your own picture and personalizing your own headlines, YourCover makes it easy and fun to create a fake magazine cover for friends and family.  

So while you’re sitting back with a nice cold Corona, you can also be productive and make someone happy with an awesome gift from YourCover


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