Cool Graduation Party Decoration Idea

Our customer, Merry, wrote about how she used a YourCover Scholar personalized magazine cover for her son's graduation party.  Merry created the Scholar cover with her son's graduation photo, and instead of a framed magazine cover photo print, Merry had the cover design printed in the poster size (18" x 24").

Here in her own words is what Merry has to say about YourCover: "The Fake Magazine was so much fun to make and it was displayed on an Easel outside our Garage so was the first thing our Guests saw.  Most everyone commented and some took their pictures with it.  I plan to hang it on my Wall in my Scrapbooking Room which will help me feel connected to my son as he makes the transition of moving away to College in the near future…."

Merry is an avid scrapbooker and you can read the full chain of comments about her great idea here.  Below are some images of Merry's poster and her son!  Thanks so much for sharing Merry! 

Scholar Magazine Cover

           Shane & his Fake Magazine Cover


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