How To Create A Fake Back To School Magazine Cover


It’s that time of year again! Children are heading back to school and the year is just beginning. Whether they’re first-timers or going back for their senior year, the starting point of the year always brings about excitement and new chapters. A custom back-to-school magazine cover provides the perfect gift or keepsake to remember this special time of year — here are a few ways to create one.


Choose A Great Photo

A photo featuring your subject is a great place to start — especially if they’re in school attire! Whether this is their new backpack and favorite shirt or school uniform, this is the best way to convey the image of a student on your magazine cover. Center this photo and then you can begin to create the headlines around it.


One of the best things to add to your custom school magazine cover is a headline that makes your scholar feel special! Whether this is a word of encouragement or a list of past achievements, it’s important to acknowledge their hard work and that they’re being the best student they can be.  Include the school name, teacher’s name, grade and perhaps a line about what the student is most looking forward to during this new school year.

Other Themes

In addition to your student, teachers also deserve some reinforcement as well! In just a few minutes  create a custom teacher theme magazine cover for the educational professional in your life. Showcase the grade or level they teach at, what their favorite subjects are and more!  A custom magazine cover Is a fast, easy and fun way to create a unique keepsake to celebrate the start of a new school year!


Your custom cover deserves that totally personal touch! To get started, head on over to the Cover Editor and begin creating your magazine cover. For examples of previously created magazines, make sure to like us on Facebook,  find us on Pinterest or browse our magazine cover templates!



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