Create Your Very Own Personalized Magazine Cover!

YourCover Personalized Magazine Cover Own TitleYourCover personalized magazine covers offers 40 + templates for you to customize for any occasion.  The template "make your own title" allows you to create a magazine cover title that is completely unique to your special event or a particular person. You can create any title that you want, make it specific to the event or to the recipient’s interests. This fake magazine cover can be used for any occasion or just for fun.

Using our magazine cover generator, you can easily adjust the title to resemble "VOGUE" if the birthday girl is into fashion.  Maybe your husband loves Nascar, have him front and center with his favorite Jeff Gordon shirt on and the perfect Nascar title that describes him.  Whatever you call your magazine cover, be sure to write headlines that are all about the event or person being recognized on the cover.

Whether you are using it as a unique gift idea for mom or a personalized anniversary gift, include names, dates, funny stories and special memories for a unique gift that will be treasured for years to come. 


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