Creating A Custom Halloween Magazine Cover


Just in time for the spooky season, Halloween candy and costumes are out on shelves in full-swing! The season of trick-or-treating comes chock full of scary and funny getups that are sure to be remembered by many. But what if there was a way to showcase those costumes forever, without the scrapbook of old photos that look the same, except with a different costume? How can you capture the unique aspect of this year’s costume in a new way? Creating a unique and custom Halloween magazine cover is the perfect way to show off your costume (and your kids’ costumes) to friends and family!

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Grab That Camera!

Whether you’re a spooky ghost or a classic cartoon character, there’s a pose to be struck for everyone! Pick the best one and use it as the main image for the magazine cover. Now build your headlines and supporting information around the costume and the fun that everyone had during this year’s Halloween!

Headlines Are Best

Some ways to make the magazine cover uniquely your own is through the headline text. Be sure to include info such as the inspiration for this year’s costume, favorite (and least favorite) candy, the best neighborhood for trick or treating, party info and more. Add these special memories to your Halloween magazine cover to create a special keepsake.

Custom Printing Options

Your magazine cover can be downloaded as an image file for you to print yourself (and that can be shared on social media or emailed to friends or family). Other options include having YourCover print and frame your magazine cover or having us print it as a poster or on a mug, mouse pad or t-shirt.



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