Creative Gifts for Coaches – celebrate your coach of the year

Searching for creative gifts for coaches can be really hard. On the one hand, you want to reward your coach for a job well done (or perhaps not so well done!), but you also don’t want to get something either extravagant or depersonalized. The good news is – out of all the creative gifts for coaches – one of the most popular and exciting is the personalized magazine cover.

All you have to do is use the YourCover magazine cover design site and upload your favorite pictures of your coach (and perhaps your team and/or star players). You can then toggle the background design, layout, and template options to handcraft a hilarious and/or sweetly sentimental memento of your season.

One reason why the personalized magazine cover is considered one of the most creative gifts for coaches is that you can really flex your funny bone. The “fake” magazine cover need not be a riff on Sports Illustrated – you could restyle your coach as a diva and frame him as the star of a Seventeen style fashion magazine. You can also stick a “Top Ten list” on the back cover. The Top Ten can be full of in-jokes that your team has, observations about your coach’s quirky personality, comments on your opponents throughout the season, or best (or worst) coaching decisions.

You can also work on your Coach of The Year personalized magazine cover with your teammates – there’s no reason why this gift giving needs to be a solitary activity. You and your teammates gelled as a unit all year round. What better way to cement friendships formed than to commemorate them with a personalized magazine cover for your coach?

Let your creativity soar at – the web’s number one place to design, create, and purchase innovative magazine covers.


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