Custom Baby Shower Party Invites


Having a baby is one of the most beautiful life events someone can experience. From the baby announcement to the birth, there are so many exciting events that come along with the magical gift of life! One of these experiences is a baby shower, which is a day for the mother-to-be and her closest family and friends. A beautiful way to invite guests to the party is a fully personalized magazine cover invitation! This custom party invite can provide a ton of information for both the guests, and is a unique and special way to get your party started! See below what you can do with a custom cover.


Highlight What’s Needed

When you’re throwing a party, specifics are key. On your magazine cover invitation, you’ll be able to announce where the party will be, what time it’ll be at, and the other information necessary to get your guests there. Don’t forget to include the registry information, as these gifts are so helpful to the new mom in setting up the nursery.

Include Personal Information

If you know the baby’s gender, share the news to help guests pick out an appropriate gift! Adding fun facts or special memories about the parents-to-be makes this baby shower invitation even more unique. Use the personalized headlines to get creative


The best way to make the baby shower memorable is to create a keepsake from the event! After creating your baby shower magazine cover invitation, in addition to ordering the download so that you can print the invitations, also select the ‘poster’ option. YourCover will print a 16×20 or 24×30 poster that can be used as a sign-in board! This way, guests can leave a special note to the parents on this special occasion

Create a personalized baby shower magazine cover invitation! To get started, head on over to the Cover Editor and begin creating your magazine cover. For examples of previously created magazines, make sure to like us on Facebook,  find us on Pinterest or browse our magazine cover templates!


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