Custom Gift Ideas for Graduation

High school graduation gifts don’t have to be snoozers! Below are some custom gift ideas your graduate will love.

Coming up with custom gift ideas for high school or college graduation can be a challenge. Whether you’re a close friend of a grad or a parent or relative, you want some custom gift ideas that are going to be memorable and useful – but which will also be lots of fun. Here’s one amazing, low-cost solution to your “custom gift ideas” dilemma: make up a unique personalized magazine cover. The whole process can take as little as 10 minutes. All that is needed are a few photos to upload to an online template plus a few memories with which to personalize the headlines.

Instead of wasting your time and money on lame personalized graduation gifts, like initialized mugs and tote bags, weird computer and/video game upgrades, or pedestrian supplies for college, you can fashion a clever and captivating keepsake – all without leaving your computer. If you’re making up personalized graduation gifts for your group of friends, you can add all sorts of neat design flourishes and crazy “headlines” to make your personalized magazine covers more meaningful.

Here are some ideas. Create a headline about every boy (or girl) your friend dated in high school – along with a funny tidbit from that relationship. Add in embarrassing photos printed on the back of the cover. Or, if you’re going the more sentimental route, publish a meaningful poem from you to the grad or lyrics from the grad’s favorite rock song.

Your unique graduation magazine cover need not be cheesy or sentimental or silly – you can craft the gift to fit whatever tone you feel is most appropriate.

Build your awesome graduation gift keepsake today at – the best place on the internet to create personalized magazine covers.


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