Custom Gift Ideas

Now that we have so many new magazine cover templates at YourCover, consumers no longer have to search all over the internet for custom gift ideas.  Solve all your gift shopping dilemnas on just one site. 

Here’s a fun idea – your holiday shopping list can have a theme "You’re a Star", then make a magazine cover for each person on your gift-giving list.  Show each one of your friends or family members why you think they are a star by uploading their photo to one of our templates then customizing the headlines to be all about their life and achievements.  Each gift will be as unique as the person starring on the front cover.

Fashion Magazine Cover from YourCoverHere are two quick examples, perhaps your niece just loves fashion Hunting Magazine Coverand shopping.  Put her on the front of our Fashion magazine cover template and be sure to include the names of her favorite stores and clothing brands.  A second gift might be for your Dad who loves to hunt.  Upload his photo to our Hunting magazine cover and customize the headlines to include memories and stories from his favorite hunting trips.

You’ll have as much fun making the magazine covers as giving them and receiving them will be!


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