Custom Magazine Cover For A Graduation


Graduation Magazine Cover TemplateGraduation season is a few months away, but it’s such an important time in anyone’s life. Finishing school is a great accomplishment and should most definitely be celebrated!

Are you planning on celebrating a very special graduation? A custom magazine cover is a perfect gift for graduates because graduates take such great pictures in advance! Just think, it’s such a proud and exciting moment for everyone, don’t you want to do something completely unique and memorable?

With our Graduation magazine cover template, you can add to your great photo by personalizing your own headlines like where the person graduated from (i.e. “Yale Graduate-Class of 2011”) or you can even write a silly headline like “Watch out! The Yaliens are COMING!!!” or "Taking New Haven by Storm!"

You’ll never know until you try, so make a photo magazine cover today and I know you’ll have such a great time making it! I made one for my brother and he really got a kick out of it. Seriously, he showed all of his friends (he never does things like that!) It was a big moment in our family and I’m glad he knows how extremely proud we are of him.  


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