Customized Magazine Covers

The magazine cover generator at YourCover has been greatly improved to make it easier for users to create customized magazine covers for all of their gift giving needs.  Whether you need a gift for an upcoming milestone birthday or for your co-worker’s retirement, YourCover has a magazine cover template to fit your need.

Customized Pet Magazine CoverThe first step to creating a customized magazine cover is to choose a magazine cover template, choose according to the event that is occuring (40th birthday, retirement, 1st anniversary) or choose by the recipient’s interests (cooking, hunting, cat-lover, etc.).  The next step is to upload a photo and the last step is to revise the headlines so that the customized magazine cover is all about your recipient and the special occasion they are celebrating.

Your magazine cover is instantly available as a photo file download to print yourself at home or at a local photo shop – this is a great last minute gift solution!  Or if you have a bit more time, YourCover can print and even frame your fake magazine cover for you. 

Have fun choosing from among the many magazine cover templates available at YourCover and you’ll be creating a gift as unique as the person starring on the front cover!


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