DIVA Magazine Cover – Unique Gift for Granddaughter

This was a great Christmas present for our granddaughter. She loved the look and the personalized by-lines of the cover. The friends and relatives who where there when she opened it could not get over the "professional" look of the cover. Fantastic gift.

Name: Jerry C.
City: Salem
State: Ohio
Country: usa

Diva Magazine Cover - Unique Gift for GranddaughterYourCover comments:  Jerry, thanks so much for sharing this great photo of your granddaughter and her personalized magazine cover. We love hearing our customer’s stories about their YourCover gifting experience.  

So many times we hear that the person who is giving the gift has such a fun time creating it and the added bonus is that not only does the recipient love their present but everyone else at the event or party thinks it’s so much fun too! So many smiles from just one simple gift!

If you would like to make a magazine cover like Jerry, go to www.yourcover.com.  We have over 60 magazine cover templates to fit all types of holidays, milestone events and interests.


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