Dog Gift Guide Features YourCover

KeepTheTailWagging.comYourCover Dog Lovers Gift in Keep the Tail Wagging Gift Guide is an online magazine cover for dog lovers. They recently compiled a great list of unique pet gifts and YourCover's Best Pet personalized magazine cover was included! 

The 2012 Holiday Gift Guide offers numerous wonderful suggestions for special gifts for dogs and dog lovers. The Dog Life and Best Pet magazine covers can be found on page 22 of the guide.

Personalized Dog Magazine Cover Unique Gift from was started by Kimberly Gauthier who is 'fur mom' to three dogs and two tolerant cats.  The topics of the site cover six major areas including Dog Training, Dog Behavior, Dog Health, Dog Nutrition, Dog Safety and Cool Pet Products.

Anyone who loves dogs will enjoy the KeepTheTailWagging website, newsletter and gift guide. Check them out!



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