Don’t Procrastinate Any Longer!

In just twelve days it is officially summer, Father’s day, and my little sister’s graduation from middle school to high school.  How exciting is that?!  For the past month, these celebrations have been creeping up on me and I still don’t have anything to give them.  If you’re like me, and you need help with finding an instant gift for a friend or loved one, YourCover has the answer!  A unique personalized gift is THE perfect, gift for Father’s Day or a graduation because it shows how much you care.  Using YourCover’s custom magazine cover templates you can create and personalize your gift in an instant!

As fun as they are to receive, I think Your Cover personalized magazine covers are even more fun to make.  Choosing from a wide variety of headlines, I can create a unique gift in less than the time it would take me to drive to CVS and pick out a card (never mind the hunt for a gift to go with it). A unique, personalized, AND instant gift, what more could I ask for?  With all this extra time, maybe I’ll get a chance to celebrate summer and finally hit the beach. 

YourCover keeps you covered, just upload a unique photo to YourCover and go wild!  Hurry, because believe me, Father’s day and graduation day are closer than you think…


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