Easy Last Minute Gifts that are delivered instantly!

last minute gifts from YourCover5 days till Christmas! Barely enough lead time for deliveries or going to the mall!  Can you order a last minute gift online and still have it be personal and unique?  YourCover says "Yes!"

Use the online magazine cover generator at YourCover to create a personalized magazine cover. In a matter of minutes you'll have an original gift that's as special as the person for whom you are making it.

This last minute gift idea is completed in 3 quick and easy steps:

Step 1: Choose one of our 80 magazine cover templates to match the holiday or your recipient's personality or interests

Step 2: Upload their photo and customize the headlines to be all about their life, family and special memories

Step 3: Purchase the photo file download to print yourself. Be sure to put the magazine cover in a frame for the best presenation.

Without leaving your computer your last minute gift is unique, personalized and will be the hit of the holiday party!


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