Fake Magazine Cover for a Real Accomplishment!

Fake Magazine CoversMelissa Joan Hart explained in People her motivation on her weight loss.  She is in the same boat with many other Americans that are trying to lose (53%) or maintain their weight (25%), by changing the amount of food they eat (71%); changing the types of foods they eat (65%); engaging in physical activity (62%); changing how often they eat (44%); and counting calories (19%). 
This is according to the “2009 Food & Health Survey, Consumer Attitudes toward Food, Nutrition & Health." It was conducted online Feb. 19 to March 11 2009 by the International Food Information Council Foundation.

With a little more than half of Americans trying to lose weight, you probably know someone who is trying or has.  It is a greatIdeas for 50th Birthday Gift accomplishment for someone to fulfill & you should help them celebrate just like Melissa Joan Hart did…put them on a magazine cover!  Have a mini photo shoot and then surprise them with fake magazine covers to show off their new body! 

It would make a great instant gift or personalized birthday gift when downloaded to your computer and printed off instantly at your convenience.  You can also choose to have us print & frame it for you on our heavy glossy photo paper. 

They will be thrilled to be able to receive such a wonderful gift to help celebrate their hard work and great accomplishment!  Start your personalized magazine cover with YourCover! 


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