Fake Magazine Cover for Grandma & Grandpa!


While growing up I saw my grandparents more often than I do now.  They spent the summers with us, but in the winters they got away from the cold and stayed in Florida.  Now, they permanently live in Florida, so I don’t get to see them often.  Personalized Photo Gift IdeasI try to get on the phone with them as much as possible to make up for the time that is missed until I see them next.

This Sunday, September 12th is Grandparent’s Day!  I have a feeling they have NO CLUE that their even is such a day, so I am going to shock them by sending them a fake magazine cover in their honor.  Using a picture that I took when I saw them last, they will get a kick out of the personalized headlines that I created just for them!  This personalized photo gift idea will look perfect framed on their wall…I cannot wait to see it the next time I visit!

My Nana & Poppi are just the best and I wanted to show them that in the simplest way possible and YourCover personalized magazine covers was the way to do that!


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