Fake Magazine Covers for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Fake Magazine CoverYou might think that making a fake magazine cover for Valentine’s Day might not be the most romantic gift idea you’ve ever had – but you are wrong! Why? Well, first off you don’t really want to be thinking of it as a ‘fake magazine cover’, the better way to think about it is as a ‘personalized magazine cover. What’s the difference?  Well fake implies that what you are doing is false or not real which is not the case. The sentiment and emotion is not fake at all. Although it is true that there are not published magazines on the newsstand entitled "Happy Valentine’s Day" or "Love of My Life", that doesn’t mean that the personalized gift you are creating isn’t totally real and wonderful.

So let’s get started, first choose which personalized magazine coverLove Fake Magazine Cover you prefer, the LOVE magazine cover or the Valentine’s Day magazine cover. The next step is to upload a photo of your sweetheart or a photo of the two of you together.  The last step is to personalize the default headlines to be all about your love and relationship and why you think your honey is the best Valentine you’ve ever had.

YourCover can print your magazine cover for you (definitely get a frame as it makes the best impression when framed), or you can download the magazine cover to print it yourself.  Either way, with a fake magazine cover from YourCover you’ll have the best Valentine’s Day gift ever and there’s nothing fake about that!


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