Fake Magazine Covers

It must be years since the last time I have been in a tanning bed.  I think I went the last time because I wanted to get a base tan before a vacation so I wouldn’t burn, but since then, I haven’t gone for a couple of reasons.

  1. I hear an advertisement played on the radio almost everyday stating, "Tanning once a month can increase your chance of skin cancer by 75%." 
  2. It’s an expense that I don’t need.

But of course….what did I do the other day that almost all brides do?  I went tanning.  I want to have a nice summer glow because right now I’m glowing like Casper.  That radio advertisement was ringing in my head as I was in the tanning bed & I felt guilty while doing it, but I did it anyway because I want to look good.  The vanity of it all I must admit….

Fake Magazine CoversCreating a fake magazine cover would have been a much better and healthier way to express my vanity!  It would be the perfect romantic gift idea for my husband-to-be for our wedding day.  That perfect personalized gift that expresses my feelings for just him and I alone. 

What’s even better, is that it doesn’t increase my chance of skin cancer by 75% and my soon-to-be husband can enjoy it with me too [he doesn’t enjoy tanning].  YourCover personalized magazine covers is your instant gift for special occasion to remember forever! 


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