First Day of School Photo Gift & Keepsake

First Day of School Gift and Keepsake from YourCoverIt's the First Day of School!  How will you remember this special day in your child's life?  Of course you'll take lots of photos, maybe even some video.  When my little ones went off on the bus the first time I took photos at the bus stop, plus photos getting onto the bus, and then photos getting off the bus at the end of the day!  When my daughter entered her senior year of high school, I took the last 'first day of school' photo so we could compare the two images of her heading off to kindergarten and then 12 years later heading off to her last year of high school – time flies!!

YourCover offers a unique way to celebrate and commemorate this important day in your child's life. Use our blank magazine cover template to create a "Kindergarten" or "School Days" magazine cover or choose the "Scholar" magazine cover.  

To the left is a magazine cover created by our customer Mandy in Texas. She used the blank magazine cover template to create her "Kindergarten" magazine cover.  Her son looks adorable as he heads off to school for the first time.  Mandy captured this moment in time with headlines about her son's likes, interests and what he we wants to be when he grows up.

Whichever magazine cover template you choose, it will feature your child's photo along with headlines all about their first day of school.  Use the online magazine cover editor to upload the photo. You can then personalize each headline to include the name of the school, your child's teacher, the date, a funny or special memory of the day, and more.

A YourCover personalized magazine cover is a unique and memorable 'first day of school' gift and keepsake.  Your gift can be instantly delivered when you download and save the image file to your computer for  self printing. Or let us print and frame your "first day of school" keepsake for you.


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